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cnnc china zhongyuan engineering corp-k8凯发足球

updated: 2020-04-23


on april 10, the concrete casting of karachi 2 outer dome was finished, which marked the main structure completion. so far, the first overseas hpr1000 unit has reached 73.98 meters in height.

the double-layer containment of k-2 unit is consisted of cylindrical shell and dome. the connection part, with rebar densely placed, is 1.8-meter thick and has a large span. using 6,600 cubic meters of concrete, the connection part has a shell-shape reinforced concrete structure and an integrated permanent steel liner.

without compromising safety or quality, czec and its subcontractors worked closely and completed the challenging task of outer dome concrete casting in a tight schedule. this progress has laid a solid foundation for the subsequent installation and commissioning.