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cnnc china zhongyuan engineering corp-k8凯发足球

updated: 2020-04-09

on april 4 (karachi, pakistan), lower internals of hpr1000 overseas demonstration project -- pakistan karachi k-3 unit were successfully dismantled for the third time, marking the completion of the installation of the k-3 unit internals. with the assembly and installation meeting the design requirements, the completion laid a solid foundation for the subsequent nuclear circuit flushing and cold test.

as the core component of the reactor pressure vessel, internals have extremely high requirements for manufacturing and assembly precision. reactor internals support and precisely locate fuel and related components, bear all the load of the core components and transmit it to the reactor pressure vessel. internals protect and guide control rod assemblies and provide a flow path for the coolant. they also shield the radiation of neutron and r-ray from the pressure vessel to lower the irradiation damage.

cnnc k-2 / k-3 project department leads all teams on the site and has taken the initiative to prevent the outbreak. the goal is to pool all on-site resources to proceed with the project construction. without compromising k-2’s construction, the department has been working closely with cnf to resolve various obstacles and learning from the assembly and installation experience of internals for k-2 unit. thanks to all the efforts, only 115 days were spent, starting from the unpacking of the equipment to the completion of the internals’ assembly and adaptation to the pressure vessel. compared to k-2, the duration was shortened by 25 days.