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updated: 2020-03-30

on march 23, the first overseas unit of hpr1000, karachi 2, achieved the operation of steam turbine turning gear. with all parameters verified, the milestone of turning gear accessibility was reached, laying a solid foundation for the hot functional test and turbine run-up.


the commissioning of turning gear is an important test before the steam turbine is ready for run-up. during the test, the steam turbine lube oil system and generator sealing oil system were flushed and adjusted, pressure of jacking oil was modified and turning gear equipment was inspected before turning gear accessibility was finally realized. by march 25, 2020, k-2/k-3 project has maintained 2240 days of safe construction.

against the coronavirus pandemic, czec remains committed to epidemic prevention while pushing forward overseas projects with thorough assessment of risks, which has made the latest progress possible.