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cnnc china zhongyuan engineering corp-k8凯发足球

updated: 2020-03-19

on february 28, the second overseas unit of hpr1000, karachi 3 achieved the completion and operation of digital control system (dcs) in main control room (mcr). the large screen successfully displayed images, representing the mcr availability realized on schedule.

mcr is the control and monitoring center of nuclear power plants that provides human-system interface, and dcs system is regarded as the brain of npps. mature and advanced digital technology has been adopted in the dcs of k-3 unit, which improves the reliability and availability of the system.

to facilitate coordination and ensure the on-time completion of mcr, an instrumentation & control task force joined by engineering, installation and commissioning personnel was set up by czec. after the outbreak of covide-19, k-2/k-3 management followed the instruction of cnnc headquarter to push forward construction while tightening epidemic control measures. the mcr availability demonstrates czec’s success in preventing the epidemic while securing construction, and boosts czec’s confidence to achieve the targets set for 2020.