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updated: 2020-03-11

on february 16, the second overseas unit of hpr1000, karachi 3 achieved cooling of electric building. this milestone was achieved when the k-2 unit was at a crucial stage of hot functional test and the coronavirus was spreading around the world. it was indeed an arduous task of project management and quality control to achieve the milestone within a tight schedule.

as a “national business card” for china's nuclear power going to the world, hpr1000 is a gen-iii nuclear power technology independently developed by china and is also among the most welcomed designs in the world. at present, five hpr1000 units are under construction at home and abroad, whose safety and quality are well-controlled.

to ensure the smooth progress at site, czec k-2/k-3 management set up a steering group to control covid-19. prevention and control measures were taken to ensure the health of staffs when they kept working with strong commitment. meanwhile, czec coordinated with sub-contractors to make plans, mobilized resources and strengthened vertical management. all people of k-2/k-3 management were united as one to control the epidemic and overcome difficulties in construction, for which the milestone was made possible.