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cnnc china zhongyuan engineering corp-k8凯发足球

updated: 2019-10-09

on september 5, 2019, at the invitation of chinca, president xie jiajie of china zhongyuan engineering corporation (czec) attended 2019 international project management forum held in beijing and was awarded the certificate of enr’s 2019 top 250 international contractors on behalf of czec. czec ranks 75th this year, moving up 14 slots compared with last year. among 75 chinese companies listed, czec ranks 16th, seeing four-slot-rise from 2018.

at the forum, rankings for listed companies were released and analyses were made based on their international and domestic performance in 2018. as a contractor with abundant experience in engineering and management, meticulous technique and considerate service, czec was widely hailed among international contractors. in the future, czec will follow cnnc’s strategy for the new era, stay committed to its industry position and make use of its core competitiveness so that it could be a leading engineering company with comprehensive business on the international arena.