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cnnc china zhongyuan engineering corp-k8凯发足球

updated: 2018-11-27


on october 28, 2018, karachi npp unit-2 (k-2) completed the pre-stressing work ahead of schedule. k-2 unit is the first overseas hpr1000 reactor, a gen-3 nuclear power technology independently developed by china. the latest progress is yet another major achievement, laying a solid foundation for the on-time completion of k-2 project, which will serve as a good model for subsequent hpr1000 units in future.

as the first overseas project of hpr1000, k-2 unit faced many challenges in its pre-stressing work. czec k-2/k-3 site management, with its mature experience and the coordination of various partners, proposed many innovative ideas, carried out technical analysis and implemented risk management measures. with the premise of ensuring safety and quality, k-2/k-3 management innovatively used two platforms in vertical direction for the horizontal pre-stressing construction. this method enabled the simultaneous construction on the upper and lower platforms, and effectively shortened the construction period of the hpr1000 pre-stressing work.