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updated: 2018-10-26

at 10:16 on september 29th, local time in pakistan, hpr1000 overseas demonstration project - karachi no. 3 nuclear power unit in pakistan successfully achieved dome hoisting. the four ongoing hpr1000 demonstration projects at home and abroad under the china national nuclear corporation entered the equipment installation stage, with all milestones of the projects implemented on or ahead of schedule. this is an important achievement of cnnc's active implementation of the “belt and road initiative” and the construction of the china-pakistan economic corridor. it also proves that hpr1000 is the only three-generation pwr nuclear power plant in the world built on schedule.

the power industry in pakistan has been faced with the major challenge of power supply, who has a shortage in sustained electricity provided to all sectors. nuclear power has become a reliable and affordable energy source in pakistan. at present, the first phase of pakistan chashma nuclear power, exported by cnnc, has been put into operation since unit 1, and the total generating capacity of the four units totaled 70.328 billion kwh, providing mature practice and experience for subsequent cooperation.