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cnnc china zhongyuan engineering corp-k8凯发足球

updated: 2017-07-24


local time on january 20, 2016, china hi tech expo, sponsored by the chinese ministry of commerce,was opened in cairo,egypt. chinese president xi jin ping promoted hpr1000 to egyptian prime minister ishmael sheriff in front of the hpr1000 model in cnnc's booth. president xi said that hpr1000 single unit power was one million kw, and china's nuclear power construction scale ranked the first in the world. president xi also learnt about cnnc's overseas nuclear power construction, and he said the expo showed china's economic strength and advanced technology level.

cnnc has been actively negotiating with egypt on constructing nuclear power plant in egypt adopting hpr1000 technology, and has signed a mou on nuclear cooperation in 2015. cnnc further showed whole industrail chain to egypt by exhibiting hpr1000, advanced medium reactor, multipurpose small modular reactor and nuclear fuel at the expo, and has promoted new progress in bilateral cooperation in nuclear power.