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integrated solution

industrial solution

cnnc china zhongyuan engineering corp-k8凯发足球

czec provides efficient solution for power to global customers with the advanced series of the 3rd generation nuclear technology, which complies with strict international standards, e.g. iaea generic reactor safety review (grsr), and thus satisfies various demands such as desalination, steam supply heat supply and so on.

as the sole qualified nuclear fuel supplier in china, czec has a complete nuclear fuel cycle system, which is able to provide users with full technical and engineering support from uranium mining to spent fuel post-processing.

czec is able to integrate global manufacture resources to support construction and improve local industrial capability.

financial solution

for different nuclear power projects, we can provide users with a various of contract models, such as epc plus financing, boo, bot and boot, etc, and also provide corresponding flexible financing options.

with the preferential policies of the chinese government and the support from domestic and large foreign financial institutions, czec can provide a wide range of competitive financing groups for nuclear energy projects.

management solution

we can offer users all over the world assistance in the establishment of effective government organizations and infrastructure for supervision and management etc. of sustainable national nuclear development programs. we also offer various services and technical support for nuclear power projects over the whole life time.

services include: project management, human resource development, safety and security, emergency response, public acceptance, stakeholder engagement, human and environmental protection, grid modification and site selection, as well as operation and life extension of power plants.

localization solution

based on 30 years of engineering experience and abundant technical expertise in overseas nuclear projects, we can provide users with flexible and comprehensive localization of industry and equipment, including project sub-contracting, joint equipment design and production and progressive industrial localization programs, etc. czec has successful experience in assisting the user country realize the independent operation of nuclear power plants. we have successfully assisted our customers in realizing independent npp operation.

as the sole chinese nuclear fuel supplier of a complete nuclear fuel cycle, we can provide different levels of localization in uranium exploration, mining, refining and fuel element fabrication.

with the complete nuclear framework of cnnc, we can provide users with technology transfer services of any sector of the entire nuclear power industry.