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new record of continuous and safe operation achieved by the fourth overseas unit

date:2020-03-26 source: author:系统管理员

by march 20th, the fourth overseas unit built by china, chashma 4, has achieved 265 days and 17 hours of safe and continuous operation in the second fuel cycle, breaking the record created by the same unit during the first fuel cycle. it also means that a record of “four units in safe operation” at chashma site will be updated every day.

china and pakistan are all-weather strategic partners. on december 31, 1991, china signed a contract with pakistan to export a 300mw nuclear power unit. that was the first nuclear power unit built under china-pakistan cooperation and was deemed as a breakthrough for china's nuclear power to "go abroad". in 2011, when china and pakistan celebrated the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations, chashma 2 was put into commercial operation. after that, chashma 3 and chashma 4 achieved commercial operation on december 6, 2016 and september 26, 2017 respectively.

contracted by czec, the four nuclear power units at chashma site have been completed successfully, which enhances the time-honored friendship between the two nations. meanwhile, karachi 2 and 3, another two units with china’s gen-iii nuclear power technology hpr1000, are progressing smoothly.

at present, all four units at chashma site are in stable operation, keeping good safety indicators and operational performance. with a combined installed capacity of 1300mw, they have generated 78.18 billion kwhs of clean, efficient and safe electricity to pakistan and mitigated the shortage of power.